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In a nutshell

End 2012, Pharmelp and the University of Geneva, Switzerland have signed a collaboration convention with Pharmaciens sans Frontières (PSF). This agreement specifies the collaboration area between the organisations. It emphasized the importance of the follow-up of the quality control of the drug products in the regions covered by PSF, which is performed either locally or by collecting and shipping samples for testing in Switzerland.



Prof. G. Bollens, Vice-Chancellor, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Prof. Serge Rudaz, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Prof. Claude Rohrbasser, Pharmelp President

Prof. Pascal Bonnabry, Pharmelp Committee Member and Chief Pharmacist HUG, Geneva, Switzerland

M-J. Barbalat, PSF Suisse President

S. Sommaruga-Phillot, PSF Suisse Committee Member



Since 1992, Pharmaciens sans Frontières, Switzerland (PSF) has been undertaking actions worldwide such as the sponsorship of various hospitals and clinics. These actions are initiated based on on-site evaluations. They consist of providing medicines and medical support in these regions.

In Madagascar, PSF supports the clinics in Aina Vao and Mahasoa in order to improve the access to medical care for people in Mahajanga.

In collaboration with PSF, Pharmelp has initiated a project with the University of Antananarivo. The main objectives are the quality control of the medicines and the training of pharmacy students. Consequently, Pharmelp will provide soon the Department of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine with an instrument dedicated to this mission.

Since 2010, PSF has been working in collaboration with the hospital in Lugala, located in the Tanzanian highlands. Pharmelp provides some support through the University of Geneva, Switzerland, which verifies the quality of the medicines available in these regions.



Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève



Council of Europe : Counterfeiting of medical products (MEDICRIME)

Council of Europe (MEDICRIME)


International Institute of Research against Counterfeit Medicines



Collaboration with PSF