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Le Regard Libre – Avril 2020 

What a great adventure that Pharmelp started in 2007!

The press article published by Le Regard Libre in April 2020 reflects perfectly the different steps of this adventure both from a scientific standpoint and a human standpoint.

Discover or rediscover all the issues which have been overcome as well as the challenges regarding the problem of the counterfeit medicines all over the world is really exciting. All the stakeholders of this project passionately share their experiences.

Read the full press article         Pharmelp: une révolution dans la lutte contre les faux médicaments


April 29, 2020: Pharmelp Ordinary General Meeting

Due to Covid-19 and its health regulations, the Ordinary General Meeting has been held via videoconference and attended only by the committee.

2019 could be considered as a « transition-year ». Nevertheless it has been very busy and dedicated to the actions to be undertaken by Pharmelp in the future.

It also the opportunity for Pharmelp to sincerely thank again all its members for their reliable and valuable financial support.

Chairman Letter    (French)

Minutes of 2020 General Meeting     (French)


December 2019: Seminar «Quality Control of Plants and Phytomedicines» in Dakar

As part of its projects in Senegal, Pharmelp sponsored the seminar «Quality control of plants and phytomedicines» which has been set up in Dakar in December 2019.
This seminar has been organised by Dr Diop ElHadji Assane. Many specialists have attended this seminar as the professors Djibril Fall, director of LNCM (National Laboratory of Drug Products Control) in Dakar and Serigne Omar Sarr from UCAD (University Cheick Anta Diop) in Dakar, who were also members of the scientific committee. We will notice among the speakers Professor Yerim Diop, National Director of the Pharmacy in Senegal as well as representatives of other countries of West Africa like Mali.
In its president’s absence, Dr Assane Diop has presented the activities and Pharmelp.
The quality control of phytomedicines is a new part of the analyses and follow-up of this large class of products used in African countries.
Pharmelp is pleased about having supported this initiative and having contributed to the success of this seminar.

Seminar Program



September 2019: Attendance to  Journées scientifiques du ccCTA in Les Diablerets

Many Pharmelp committee members have attended the meeting « 23èmes Journées Scientifiques du ccCTA » set up in Les Diablerets (Switzerland) on September 12-13, 2019.

Prof. Olivier Vorlet, committee member, has been invited to present his research work on the new ECB 4.0 development.
He has been honoured and rewarded by receiving the Distinction ccCTA 2019 .



September 2019: Attendance to the symposium ITP 2019 in Toulouse (France)

Claude Rohrbasser, the chairman of Pharmelp and Samuel Roth, a committee member of Pharmelp, have attended the 26th International Symposium on Electroseparation and Liquid-Phase Separation held in Toulouse (France) on September 1-4, 2019.

Samuel Roth has given a short talk on Pharmelp and on the new ECB 4.0 developed by the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg entitled Open source capillary electrophoresis device for quality control of medicines.

Prof. Olivier Vorlet, School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, member of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland

Moreover the poster on this subject has been highly appreciated and has been rewarded with the Electrophoresis (Wiley) Best Poster Award.

 For more information        ITP 2019 Poster


June 2019: information linked with our activities

Are you interested in learning more about the top global health policy debates, trends and news? Access Health Policy Watch
and especially this article about an initiative to fight fake drugs


April 9, 2019: Pharmelp Ordinary General Meeting

This year, the Ordinary General Meeting was a little bit special as we were celebrating the association’s 10th anniversary.
It was the opportunity to review the main events of the last year as well as all the projects completed during these 10 years. In the future, the on-going projects will be supported and new one will be initiated while developping the visibility of Pharmelp even more.

Moreover Olivier Vorlet showed us the new generation of the ECB story, the first ECB ECB 4.0  (French)

Based on the results, we take this opportunity to express a sincere and big thank-you to all our members for your valued support. Many thanks also to all organisations which have supported us and have contributed to the success of our projects.

For more information

Chairman Letter         (French)
Presentation given by Pharmelp Chairman        (French)
Chairman Report on 2018 Activities         (French)

October 2018 : Open Source Capillary Electrophoresis Workshop

Samuel Roth, Pharmelp committee member, has attended the seminar « Open Source Capillary Electrophoresis Workshop » set up in Brno (CZ) on October 15-16, 2018 as part of the European project PortASA. The workshop aimed to provide attendees with ideas and advice in order to design and build their own capillary electrophoresis (CE) equipment.

The aim of PortASAP is to promote a European network of researchers regarding the development of portable, simple and affordable analytical platforms. Our ECB equipment fully fit this development objective. The contacts with our colleagues have been very profitable and have contributed to slightly increase our visibility at a European level.

For more information

October 2018: Attendance to the National Pharmacy Student’s Weekend
(NPSW) in Geneva

On Saturday 13 Pharmelp was invited to take part in the National Pharmacy Student’s Weekend, 2018. This symposium was organised by the Swiss Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (ASEP) at Uni Mail in Geneva.

Prof. Serge Rudaz and Dr Assane Diop have led a workshop about the «Innovative ways to detect false treatment». Many pharmacy students from all swiss universities attended this session.

Moreover Pharmelp and the Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmaceutical Sciences ran a stand as part of «Pharma Fair». Our capillary electrophoresis device ECB 3.0 as well as several information and analytical results about the issue of pharmaceutical counterfeits in the world were presented.

For more information on this event








June 30, 2018: Defense of a thesis by El Hadji Assane DIOP

O. Vorlet, A. Diop, S. Rudaz

Our sincere congratulations to El Hadji Assane DIOP for defending successfully his doctoral thesis at the University Cheikh Anta DIOP in Dakar (Senegal). The subject was “Study and quality control of medicinal plants used for the treatment of tuberculosis in Senegal”

Prof. Serge  Rudaz (Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Prof. Olivier Vorlet (School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg) were part of the jury members.

To learn more   Thesis Abstract




It was also a good opportunity for Olivier Vorlet and Serge Rudaz to proceed to the maintenance and repair of the capillary electrophoresis instrument and to provide some training on capillary electrophoresis to the Master students of the University of Dakar.


May 24, 2018: Sudan Project

Following the installation of a WynCE capillary electrophoresis instrument (Wynsep) at the Khartoum University in November 2017, a short paper has been published in French on the Reflet Suisse-Afrique website.
Reflet Suisse-Afrique / Soudan

April 10, 2018: 
Pharmelp Ordinary General Meeting

The Pharmelp Ordinary General Meeting was the opportunity to review the significant events of last year and to present the ongoing projects, in particular the ECB 4.0 Project (development of a new generation CE)   ECB 4.0 Project   (French)

For more information
Chairman Letter   (French)
Presentation given by Pharmelp Chairman    (French)
Chairman Report on 2017 Activities    (French)


February 2018:
Attendance to the symposium MSB 2018 
in Rio de Janeiro

The 34th International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis MSB 2018 was hold on February 18-21, 2018.
MSB is an international congress which is well-known in the capillary electrophoresis area. Dr Julie Schappler and several researchers from the University of Geneva had the opportunity of giving lectures about their research works.


Dr Julie Schappler (lecturer) gave a lecture «Annotation and Identification in CE-MS Metabolomics: Towards a Mobility-based Library» and presented a poster on a Pharmelp project  «Capillary Electrophoresis for the detection of substandard and falsified medicines: 5-years experience in Senegal”

Poster MSB Symposium 2018

A big thank you to Julie for her valuable contribution to Pharmelp.


For more information about this symposium:


November 2017: a new WynCE from Wynsep in Sudan

A capillary electrophoresis device WynCE from Wynsep has been installed at the University of Khartoum.

For more information on this project, refer to Projects/ Sudan, 2017

November 2017: Training seminar in Cambodia

Pursuing Pharmelp commitment in Cambodia initiated in 2011 (refer to pharmelp/Projects/Cambodia 2011), a training seminar took place at the National Health Products Quality Control Center (NHQC) in Phnom Penh from November 6 to November 9, 2017. This program was led by Prof. Serge Rudaz and Prof. Jean-Luc Veuthey, Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EPGL), University of Geneva.
This program was organised by Dr Ho Ing with the approval of Dr Tep Keyla, Laboratory Director. It was supported both by the Health Department in Cambodia and the Association pour la Formation Médicale au Cambodge, France (AFMC-France)és/

Pharmelp provided a financial support to this training seminar which is part of the project aimed to help the National Health Products Quality Control Center in Cambodia meeting the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

Seminar Programme

For more information, here is an abstract of the periodical Campus (Nr 133) from the University of Geneva       Campus Nr 133

September 2017: Attendance to the symposium ITP 2017 in Gdansk


The 24th International Symposium on electro- and Liquid Phase- Separation Techniques ITP 2017 has taken place from September 10 to September 13.
ITP is one of the most recognized international symposium series that addresses the latest issues important to discovery, development and production in all areas of electro- and liquid phase- separations techniques in multiple discipline.


Prof. Serge RUDAZ (Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Pharmelp vice-chairman) gave a lecture: “ANOVA multiblock OPLS (AMOPLS) as a powerful data analysis approach of human neural cells analysis by HILIC-HRMS in metabolomics”


ElHadji Assane DIOP (PhD Candidate, Pharmacist, University of Geneva) presented the following poster: “Counterfeits and Sub-Standards medicines: Five years experience in Senegal with CE”

Poster ITP Symposium 2017

A big thank you to both of them for their valuable contribution.

For more information about this symposium:

Pharmelp Ordinary General Meeting – April 26, 2017 in Fribourg

This meeting was a great opportunity to review the main events of the year as well as to share the next opportunities and future actions with the attendees. Thanks to the support of the members, we have several on-going projects  and some others under evaluation. A great thank you to our members!
This meeting was also the opportunity to listen the presentation about the situation of counterfeit medicines in Cameroun given by Paulin Noubissié.    Counterfeit medicines in Cameroun

Good discussions and interactions between attendees ended this meeting.

For more information
Chairman Letter   (French)
Presentation given by Pharmelp Chaiman   (French)
Chairman Report on 2016 Activities   (French)

 March 2017: Attendance to the congress SEP 2017 in Paris   Logo_SEP2017


The 12th French-speaking congress on the separation and coupled techniques SEP 2017 has taken place from March 28 to March 30 as part of Forum LABO Paris. It has been a great success.

Prof. Serge RUDAZ (University of Geneva, Switzerland and Pharmelp vice-chairman) acted as president.


Serigne Omar SARR (Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Bromatology, University Cheikh Anta Diop, National Laboratory of Drug Products Control, Ministry of Health, DAKAR-FANN, Senegal) has given the following lecture « Use of capillary electrophoresis for the detection of counterfeits medicines and/or defect drug products :    a Senegalese experience ».


109 posters have been exhibited. One of them has been taken in charge by Prof. Claude ROHRBASSER, Pharmelp chairman: « Implementation of an analytical strategy adapted/covering the quality control of drug products in emerging countries ».

Poster SEP 2017


Pharmelp attendance to such a congress contributes to create new opportunities to meet many actors from different fields.
It widely contributes to the increase of its visibility and to the access to new opportunities.
A big thank you to them for their commitment!

For more information

9th Swiss Pharma Science Day 2016 : congratulations to Assane Diop!


The Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPhS) nominates every year scientists who are distinguished by their outstanding research and professional contributions in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Switzerland.

El Hadji Assane Diop, University of Geneva (group Prof. Rudaz) got a special prize for its poster “Low-Cost Analytical Device for Detecting Counterfeits and Sub-Standards in Emerging Countries”.
This prize was sponsored by Vifor Pharma.

For more information
Poster Abstract
Press article  (French version)
SAPhS : Conference Report 2016

To learn more about SAPhS  

2016 Installation of the WynSep CE at Dakar : 

Report of the Senegalese TV

A very busy week, new opportunities.

Monday 2nd May, morning : Claude Rohrbasser, Pharmelp representative, Serge Rudaz, University of Geneva representative, Serign Omar Saar and Assane Diop, UCAD representatives, meet Mrs Dagmar Schmidt Tartagli, Ambassador of Switzerland to Senegal, at the ambassy.

Monday 2nd May, afternoon : Claude Rohrbasser gives a public lecture on counterfeit medicines. Professors, deans, the Pharmacists Association Head, pharmacists as well as many students are attending.

Monday 2nd May, end of the afternoon : the inauguration ceremony of the capillary electrophoresis instrument takes place at the UCAD in the presence of Mrs Dagmar Schmidt Tartagli, Ambassador of Switzerland. Assane Diop performs a demo with the new equipment. Senegalese radio and television are attending too. They were invited by Ibrahim Cissé, UCAD news services and « Reflets d’Afrique » chief editor.



Wednesday 4th May : Pharmelp (Claude Rohrbasser), University of Geneva (Serge Rudaz), UCAD (Serign Omar Saar) have a meeting with Prof. Amadou Gallo Diop, Cooperation Director.

Friday 6th May : discussion with representatives of the Pharmacists Association including Dr Cheikhou Oumar Dia, President, the private section responsible, a committee member, the association treasurer and Prof. Serge Rudaz, University of Geneva, Prof. Omar Serigne Sarr, UCAD, Prof.Claude Rohrbasser, Pharmelp.
Meeting with Ibrahima Cissé, « Reflets d’Afrique » correspondent. An article about this event will be published the following week.

Over the week : Prof. Serge Rudaz, University of Geneva gives several lessons about« Experimental Design », « Metabolomics » and « Method Validation» as Guest Professor.

Congratulations to the different actors who made this project successful!

For more information

SudQuotidien May 3, 2016

Reflets Nr 42, April-June 2016       See page 6

2016 Geneva Health Forum

Date : April 19-21, 2016

Since its first edition, 10 years ago, the GHF has become a space for dialogue and major exchanges between field practitioners, the university hospitals, the public and private sectors, the international organisations and the non-governmental organisations. The GHF, faithful to its spirit, will offer in April 2016 the opportunity to have an open and constructive debate on innovation in healthcare that is accessible to all and environment-friendly.
The GHF 2016 will seek to be an influential voice on these issues, through the greatest experts in this field.
Pharmelp will attend this event and run a stand. A good opportunity to share our projects and extand our visibility!

For more information

Pharmelp stand at Geneva Health Forum

Pharmelp stand at Geneva Health Forum

2016 General Assembly

Date : April 12, 2016 

Presentation given by the President
President Report on 2015 Activities

2016 Pharm-Ed

Pharm-Ed is a free learning platform. This project has been launched by Prof. Pascal Bonnabry (HUG).
On-line self-training, discussion groups, useful resources and tools are available in order to improve the development of pharmacy activities in hospitals and the use of medicines in developing countries.

Pharm-Ed        and to learn more